The Dillion Asher (Old Dill) Homestead has been restored and open to the public.
Located on the Redbird River at Queendale, Clay Co., Kentucky.

See Dillion's last Will and Testament Here

Dillion Asher, was born to William Asher and Margaret "Peggy" Blevins. That's about 235 years ago., Dillion died May 8, 1844 in Red Bird, Clay County, Kentucky (now Bell County) and is buried there. He married Nancy Davis around 1799/1800, daughter of Richard Davis and Elizabeth Preston. Dillion and Nancy made their home in Clay County, Kentucky, along with Nancy's sister, Sarah (Sally), who also moved to Clay County and Dillion built a home for her close by. Dillion and Nancy had 8 children; Dillion and Sally had 9 children. Dillion also had 7 children by Sarah Collett and 4 children by Elizabeth Collett. From this progeny, we all descend.

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