CW Net Check-in Procedure

Here is how to check into a CW Net:

NCS (Net Control Station): calls for check ins by sending QNI
You: Send F, or any letter in the alphabet to check in
NCS Responds with F
You: de (Your Call Sign) qru K
NCS: ge Bob as next

Basically, you said this is (Your Call Sign) no traffic and K which means go ahead. The NCS said good evening Bob, stand by (AS) and the "next" is a call for another station to check-in.

Here is how to check out:

NCS: (Your Call Sign)
You: C or R
NCS: qnx 73
You: 73 de (Your Call Sign).

NCS called you by sending your call sign, XXX. You sent C which means yes. The NCS sent QNX which excused you from the net.

Remember that the slow nets are for the beginners and rusty fists. It is acceptable to make mistakes. There will always be someone out there slower than you. Most of all, the net is a place to learn and make mistakes, that's part of learning and remember, courtesy at all times.

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