Bill's Biography
got my ticket in 1999 and prefer to operate CW. I am a member of Fists (#7249) and ARRL. My main interest in Amateur Radio was learning Morse Code and Operating CW. I also like CW Mobile! I am the Net Manager of the GTN (Georgia training Net) that meets daily at 9:00 PM EST on 3.702 kHz. The Georgia Training Net meets to pass traffic and train new traffic handlers. The Net is a "Slow" speed net and is designed for the new CW operator. The Net offers training in the form of radiograms. The Net has training for Basic, Advanced, NCS, Liaison, and Instructor courses available for you. All CW operators are welcome to join us; you do not have to be a Georgia station to check in with us or receive training. Training is open to all operators interested in traffic handling. I enjoy operating CW and Traffic Nets. Yes! You can check into CW Traffic Nets. There are several Slow Nets just for you. See for more info on CW Nets. If you are interested in CW Nets and would like more information about how to check in please send me an e-mail. Remember, they are there for you! I work for Georgia System Operations, which is part of Oglethrope Power Corporation. I work in the Fossil / Nuclear Operations Department. I handle the Generation Accounting. I worked as the Accounting Manager for Rockdale County Public Schools and was the first CPA to work in the Rockdale School System. All of my previous jobs have been in The Corporate World working for large companies. I also worked for GEC-Marconi Avionics. Nice to be able to say that you once worked for a Marconi Company. Spent over three years working for them until they relocated the company to Texas. I am very active in the Georgia Society of CPA's. I am the President of the Dekalb Chapter of the Georgia Society of CPA's for the 2001 year. I am very fortunate to have a diverse accounting background that offers endless possibilities for the future. I am from Rockford Illinois, which is 90 miles west of Chicago. My wife Sharon is from Maryland and our only child is Gypsy who is a Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog. Gypsy follows me everywhere, every evening she is by my side listening as I send and receive code. Sharon got her ticket KG4HKO four months after I received mine. She is also known as Rainbow the Clown. She is a professional clown that twists balloons and does face painting. She learned this art working for a magician. I am very proud that my wife is a ham. We got married in 1990 and I can truly say that my wife is my best friend. Sharon teaches Science and Social Studies to middle school kids. There is never a dull moment around our house. My rig is an ICOM-746 and the antenna is a G5RV that is 30 feet off the ground. I have a Hi-Mound Key, K-4, Chinese Surplus Key, and an MFJ-550. I also run Benchers, Vibrokeyer, Code Warrior, and anything else I can get my hands on.
73 Bill Carter, KG4FXG

It is with pleasure that I am able to bring you some information about Woody Hester WD9F. Woody, along with everyone else who has checked into GTN, has made this net come back to life. I would like to put some indormation in the Newsletter about some of the folks who check into GTN.-------73 de Bill

Woody's Biography
am 54 years old, married to the same YL 33 years and four children. Oldest is 30 and youngest 19. I am a Vietnam Veteran (U.S. Army Field artillery). Went to college after the war and started my professional life as a clinical pharmacist (hospital based). Went to graduate school, became more interested in the administrative side of health care and am now Pres. & CEO of a small hospital and health care network in Lincoln, Illinois which is very close to Springfield. I became interested in amateur radio when I was about 8 years old. My Uncle had a short wave receiver and I found the ham bands. There wasn't an adult in my life to help, so it wasn't to be until I was 22 years old. I had finished with the Army & my undergraduate education, so I called the local Red Cross. They put me in touch with a wonderful old gentleman named Harold Switzer (W9YCE). He became my Elmer. I was licensed as a Novice (WD9IFF)in 1978. My first rig was a Ten Tec Century 21 (they had just came out). I loved that thing and completed WAS as a Novice. I upgraded to General in 1979 & became active in the local club & experimented with almost every mode. Even went nuts over early SSTV. What a thrill it was to get back, via SSTV, some of the first images of Saturn from one of NASA's early probes. Another big thrill was getting a receive signal on the HW-8 I built 20 years ago the first time I applied power to it. As my four kids got old enough to get into sports and lots of other activities, which was the same time I was going to graduate school and adjusting my career. I dropped out of hamming. Several months ago, when my fourth child went off to college. I came back, got my Extra and shortened my call. I had always loved CW best, but my skills had gone south. I read Bill's article in Keynote re: NTS and the rest is history. Bill has been a great friend and coach. Arley and pat (WB5NKC/WB5NKD) also adopted me, so I feel like I have the best coaching there is. Everyone on the GTN & GSN especially have been so nice and helped me so much. Thanks to all of you for your help and kind understanding a I stutter through the routines. If any of you are going to Dayton meet me at the FISTS booth at 10:00am Saturday morning for a group photo. Now I want the rest of you to do this bio thing too, so I know a little about you!  73 / Woody

Woody, thanks for taking the time to write up a brief Bio for the Newsletter. I am sure the folks who check in enjoy reading about your interesting background. I hope that these little Biographies help bring us even closer together as a net made up of fine CW operators....Bill. KG4FXG

As a side note: Woody found me through
my article in the FISTS keynote.

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