87 turns on the coil and winding. I was born March 7, 1930 in Louellen, Harlan county, Kentucky. I got my Novice Class license in 1985. I held my Novice Class license until 1993 when I upgraded to Extra Class. I worked CW only during this 8 year period as a Novice Class and worked all States except Hawaii and Alaska, and many countries around the world. I work some SSB, mostly CW. So, as you can see, I am an old Brass Pounder at heart.

I retired from 33 years in electronics in 1994. I taught electronics for the State of Kentucky for 12 years. Self employed in electronic communications for 21 years. Enjoying my retirement and rag chewing on CW with my radio friends.

HF antennas are:
GAP Titan vertical ground mounted
80 Meter center fed dipole.
40 meter center fed dipole.

VHF antennas are:
VB-25FM Beam
Ringo Ranger II Model ARX2B
Cushcraft CA1147M mobile

To visit the GAP web site: Click Here


- My Rigs -

The HF Station Rig---Kenwood TS-590S

The HF Spare Rig---Yaesu FT-450AT


The HF Mobile Rig---Icom IC-706MKIIG
The Mobile 2 Meter rig---Alinco DR-150T


The Station VHF Rig---Yaesu FT-2500M

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