What are the best venues for experiencing live jazz in Brighton?

Brighton, the vibrant coastal city in East Sussex, is famed for its dynamic music scene. The city pulses with live music that ranges from rock and pop to classical, but for many, it's the seductive rhythm and soul of jazz that sets Brighton apart. This article will guide you to the best jazz venues in Brighton, where you can immerse yourself in the music, the atmosphere, and the rich cultural experience that only live jazz can offer.

1. The Old Market

The Old Market, or TOM as it is fondly known, isn't just a venue. It's an experience. Nestled in Hove, the heart of Brighton, this historic building converts into a cultural hub that echoes with soulful jazz tunes and vibrant energy. TOM’s jazz nights are legendary, drawing jazz enthusiasts from far and wide.

The address of this spectacular jazz venue is 11a Upper Market Street, Hove, East Sussex. For events and other details, you can contact the Old Market on their telephone number: 01273 201 801. The venue offers full access for wheelchair users, ensuring everyone can enjoy the unforgettable experience of live jazz.

2. The Verdict Jazz Club

The Verdict Jazz Club in Brighton is an institution for jazz lovers. It's where the local jazz scene comes alive, and where you can lose yourself in the music. This sophisticated venue boasts an intimate feel, allowing audiences to connect with the musicians in a unique way.

You can find The Verdict Jazz Club at 159 Edward Street, Brighton, East Sussex. You can call the venue at their telephone number: 01273 674 847 for further details. The club has wheelchair access and also a bar where you can enjoy a drink while soaking up the live music.

3. Komedia

Komedia is a versatile venue offering a variety of entertainment. However, its jazz nights are a standout feature. Known for hosting both local and internationally acclaimed jazz artists, this venue ensures an engaging and authentic live music experience.

This dynamic venue is located at 44-47 Gardner Street, Brighton, East Sussex. For event details and other queries, Komedia can be reached at their telephone number: 01273 647 100. The venue offers full access for disabled patrons and also has a bar for patrons to enjoy a leisurely drink.

4. Brighton Dome

The Brighton Dome is a theatre, a dance hall, and a live music venue all rolled into one. It's also one of Brighton's top venues for jazz. From big band to bebop, swing to soul, Brighton Dome showcases jazz in all its forms. The experience of watching a jazz performance in the grandeur of the Dome is unparalleled.

Located at Church Street, Brighton, East Sussex, the Dome can be reached at the telephone number: 01273 709 709. The venue is fully accessible, and a variety of refreshments are available at the Dome cafe-bar.

5. The Mesmerist

For something a little different, why not try The Mesmerist? This quirky bar is another top destination for jazz lovers in Brighton. With a 1920s speakeasy vibe and regular live jazz nights, it's perfect for those looking for a unique jazz experience.

The Mesmerist is situated at 1-3 Prince Albert Street, Brighton, East Sussex. You can reach them at the telephone number: 01273 328542. Although this venue is not fully accessible due to its historic nature, they do make every effort to accommodate all guests.

Brighton's diverse and dynamic jazz scene ensures that there is something for everyone. Whether you're a lifelong jazz devotee or new to the genre, these venues offer a chance to experience the thrill of live jazz in some of the most atmospheric settings in the city. So, next time you're in Brighton, let the city's jazz rhythm guide you to an unforgettable musical adventure. Enjoy the vibe, enjoy the music, but most importantly, enjoy the experience.

6. The Green Door Store

The Green Door Store stands as one of Brighton’s most eclectic live music venues. Housed beneath the arches of the Brighton railway station, it’s a venue that oozes character and offers a unique atmosphere for jazz enthusiasts. Besides the allure of its rustic and raw charm, the venue is known for regularly hosting jazz nights featuring both established and emerging artists.

This vibrant music venue is located at Trafalgar Arches, Lower Goods Yard, Brighton Train Station, Brighton, East Sussex. If you wish to know more about their jazz events, or have other queries, their contact number is 01273 000 000. The Green Door Store is a wheelchair user accessible venue, boasting fantastic facilities for children and groups. It’s worth noting that this establishment features a spacious dance floor, perfect for those who can’t resist swaying to the rhythm of live jazz.

7. The Brighton Centre

The Brighton Centre, located right on the seafront, is another venue that cannot be missed when seeking live jazz in Brighton. This large multi-purpose entertainment venue resonates with the soul-stirring beats of jazz during its regular jazz events. With a rich history of hosting high-profile jazz artists, the Brighton Centre promises an unforgettable auditory journey.

You can find this remarkable venue at Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex. For enquiries about jazz events, or anything else, you can reach them at their sussex telephone number: 01273 290 131. As a leading music venue, the Brighton Centre guarantees facilities accessibility for every visitor, including wheelchair users. Moreover, the venue welcomes groups, making it an ideal choice for larger parties looking to immerse themselves in Brighton's jazz scene.


The vibrant city of Brighton, located in East Sussex, has long been a hub for diverse musical genres, with its jazz scene deserving special mention. From the historic grounds of The Old Market to the seafront views offered by The Brighton Centre, each jazz establishment features unique characteristics that enhance your live music experience.

To fully enjoy what Brighton’s live jazz scene has to offer, note down the addresses and contact numbers of these venues, and don't forget to check their facilities accessibility. Whether it's the dance floor at the Green Door Store or the wheelchair user accessible facilities at the Brighton Dome, every venue ensures an inclusive and enjoyable experience.

Brighton continues to deliver exceptional live jazz performances in its atmospheric music venues. By following the rhythm and the soul of jazz, you can discover the city in a whole new light, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

So don't hesitate, join the vibrant rhythm of Brighton's jazz scene, and let the magic of live music take over! Remember, jazz in Brighton is not just about the music, it's about the experience. Explore, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the city's pulsing heartbeat. In Brighton, every jazz note tells a story, and every venue invites you to be part of it.